Fremantle Hospital launches new online meal ordering system

A woman shows another women a food menu
Dedicated menu assistants will take patient meal orders by their bedside
October 5, 2022

Patients at Fremantle Hospital (FH) will now benefit from a new online meal ordering system, making it easier than ever to capture all dietary and allergy requirements in once place, and removing the need for out-dated paper menu selections.

Whilst you might not traditionally think of hospitals as leaders in food service, FH is working to transform that, with the launch of My Menu - a new online meal ordering software. To support the roll-out of the technology, dedicated in-person menu assistants are on hand to greet patients with a friendly smile and take their meal orders by their bedside, providing a great patient experience.

This change is a welcome addition to the hospital with My Menu allowing integration with the Allergy and Diet Application (ADA), an important database for patient diet and allergy information, which can then be shared across different hospitals where needed.

Integration with the ADA means nurses are only required to enter diet and allergy data once per patient, with this then staying with the patient throughout their hospital journey.

FH Catering Manager Pierre Moore said the catering team will also benefit from the new My Menu system which FH Senior Dietitian Libby Matthew was instrumental in designing.

“There will be less risk associated with incorrectly plating up patient meals with the ability to filter allergies for individual patients through My Menu and not having to rely on handwritten paper-based menus,” Pierre said.

A pilot phase on two wards at FH in September 2022 saw My Menu and the dedicated menu assistants being rolled out successfully.

FH Catering Supervisor Adam Warren said the introduction of dedicated menu assistants will enhance the patient experience by ensuring patients are provided with the best food service possible during their stay at FH.

“Patients on the pilot wards have enjoyed having the face-to-face interaction with our friendly menu assistants,” Adam said.

“Having a dedicated person taking meal orders directly by the bedside means they can assist with any queries or escalate to the appropriate staff member much more efficiently.”

FH patients will be supported by our new dedicated menu assistants from 5 October 2022 with the roll out of My Menu.

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