Laser Clinic helping heal wounds faster

 A person's finger is held under the light of a small laser device that sits on a table.
August 27, 2021

Lingering wounds are known to impact more than 420,000 Australians each year stopping them from working, studying and enjoying life. These wounds are also a $3 billion annual hit to Australia’s health and aged care budgets.

This Wound Awareness Week (23-29 August) we’re proud to showcase what our staff and services are doing in this space, to help improve patient outcomes.

At a national level, Fiona Stanley Hospital’s renowned burns specialist, Professor Fiona Wood AM, as the Wounds Australia Ambassador, is using Wounds Awareness Week to raise understanding of giving the right wound care at the right time. Find out more about how to be wound aware here (external site).

Closer to home, Fremantle Hospital’s (FH) Laser Clinic has adopted a new approach to helping improve outcomes for wound patients with the use of a world-class therapeutic laser.

Purchased from Canada in 2019, the Bioflex device uses photobiomodulation technology for pain management, repairing fractures and increasing efficiency of treatments.

The device is now being utilised as a powerful tool in treating patients with both chronic and minor wounds and is the only machine of its kind being used in WA hospitals for wound care.

Renee Gilmour, Clinical Specialist Nurse in Wound Care at FH, is currently treating inpatients and outpatients with the Bioflex device.

“Over around ten sessions, the damaged cells are exposed to red and near infrared light. Energy is absorbed from these lights by the cell’s mitochondria, which perform the function of producing cellular energy called ATP,” said Renee.

“This process accelerates healing, promotes circulation and helps to repair surrounding tissues of the wounded area. Our patients are seeing great results and are always very enthusiastic about the technology.”

We couldn’t be prouder of the incredible outcomes our staff and services are able to achieve for patients requiring specialist burns and wound treatment.

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