Pre-primary students in awe during school excursion

Two pre-primary school girls sitting on a hospital bed
Fremantle pre-primary students in awe during school excursion
November 21, 2017

Fremantle Hospital got a very special visit from 36 bright-eyed pre-primary students, who are learning about the local community and landmarks as part of their term theme ‘community helpers’.

The kids from Fremantle Primary School spent the morning learning about the different types of medical equipment used in the Peri-Operative Care Unit (PCU) and the rich history of the hospital at the museum in N Block. They also got the opportunity to chat with a paramedic and go inside an ambulance.

Teachers Jen O’Neill and Alana Correia agreed that the experience was an excellent way to reinforce the importance of hospitals and expose the students to a hospital setting and equipment to eliminate any fear or trepidation they might have.

“The students’ favourite part was playing in the PCU ward,” Jen said.

“They had a blast using the face masks, dressing up in doctor and nurse scrubs and particularly loved seeing one of the parents act as a patient.”

The parents also learnt a thing or two, with many commenting that it was fantastic to see their children so engaged and relaxed in a hospital environment.

Alana said that the highlight in her eyes was time spent at the museum.

“Spending time in the museum was a great opportunity for students and adults to understand the history of the Fremantle Hospital,” she said.

The teachers, parents and students were very grateful to the staff and volunteers who facilitated the excursion.