Public health campaigns

The Department of Health manages social marketing campaigns across a range of important health issues.

Campaigns can range from large scale public awareness efforts which might be seen on television, radio, outdoor and web advertising, with extensive public relation activities across multiple media channels, to niche campaigns that target very specific audiences.

Workforce recruitment
Belong – Be part of WA Health

Nurse holding a baby with the word 'Belong' over the top of the image

Skilled and experienced health professionals. Apply now.

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Influenza vaccination
Unlikely heroes

Elderly man

The 2022 influenza prevention campaign encourages people to have the influenza vaccine.

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Sexual health
Anyone can be a healthysexual

Healthysexual campaign tile

Talk. Test. Protect. When you look after yourself, you'll look after all of us.

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Health care options

Most people with respiratory illnesses will experience mild symptoms that can be managed at home.

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Vaping awareness campaign

Banner: do you know what you're vaping?

Awareness about the harmful health effects of vaping amongst teenagers and school-aged children.

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Last reviewed: 28-07-2022