Urgent outpatient referrals

For urgent referrals to Fremantle Hospital (FH) contact the registrar or consultant of the specialty team required. They can be contacted by calling the switchboard on 9431 3333.

Contacting a registrar or consultant ensures that the specialist team is immediately aware of the referral, allowing them to make arrangements as soon as possible. These arrangements include: 

  • interim treatment recommendations
  • further investigation prior to review.

Unless instructed to fax directly to the accepting doctor, please send the referral (with any attached reports) to the Fremantle Hospital Central Receipting Clinic:

Please mark the referral as 'urgent' and state the name of the doctor you have spoken to.

Ensure the fax or email header clearly identifies:

  • patient name
  • clinic referred to
  • appointment date
  • for a fax please advise the total number of pages

Please note who you spoke to and any instructions that you are given or appointments made on your referral.