Speech pathology referrals

Read how to refer patients for inpatient and outpatient speech pathology services at Fiona Stanley Fremantle Hospitals Group.

Inpatient referrals

The department provides inpatient services to all ward areas at Fiona Stanley and Fremantle hospitals based on e-Referral, verbal or paged referrals.

Outpatient referrals

e-Referrals must be sent to the Speech Pathology department highlighting the service required.

Please note patients must reside in the FSFHG catchment area. Waiting lists do apply and patients are prioritised on clinical need.

Fiona Stanley Hospital outpatient referrals

The Fiona Stanley Hospital Speech Pathology department offers outpatient services to patients under the medical governance of a FSFHG specialty outpatient clinic.

Please note Fiona Stanley Hospital speech pathology outpatient clinics do not accept:

  • direct GP referrals
  • nursing home referrals.

Fremantle Hospital outpatient referrals

Fremantle Hospital speech pathology outpatient clinics do accept:

  • GP referrals
  • nursing home referrals for instrumental swallow studies
  • videofluoroscopy swallow study (VFSS) referrals.

Videofluoroscopy swallow study referrals

The Fremantle Hospital speech pathology team accepts videofluoroscopy swallow study (VFSS) referrals for outpatients who reside within the FSFHG catchment.

To participate in the videofluoroscopy swallow study, patients must be able to:

  • follow simple commands
  • tolerate being seated in a chair or their own wheelchair for the duration of the procedure.

Referral procedure

  • Step 1 – speech pathologist referral
    Patients must first be assessed by a speech pathologist to determine if a VFSS is indicated. Referrals are not accepted if the patient does not have a managing speech pathologist. The referring speech pathologist must complete a VFSS handover referral form (PDF 625KB) then email to Speech Pathology.
  • Step 2 – doctor’s referral
    A doctor’s referral/radiology request for a videofluoroscopic swallow study (VFSS) is required. Fax to 9431 2924 or email to Speech Pathology.
  • Step 3 – VFSS assessment
    The Fremantle Hospital VFSS Coordinator will triage the referral. The patient and referring speech pathologist will be advised of appointment details.
  • Step 4- feedback
    A VFSS report will be provided to the managing speech pathologist and referring doctor. It is expected that the results will be communicated to the patient by the managing speech pathologist and then follow-up provided if required.