Day Admissions Centre (DAC)

Focuses primarily on elective day surgery- general surgery, hand procedures, orthopaedic surgery and ophthalmology. The centre also enables diagnostic and assessment services for gastroenterology and radiological patients who require a day admission to hospital.

Prior to admission

You will be contacted by the Pre-admission Clinic to arrange a nursing and anaesthetic assessment prior to your surgery. This enables us to obtain a comprehensive history of your health, undertake preliminary investigations and answer any questions that you may have regarding your admission, hospital stay, operative procedure, pain relief and the discharge process when leaving the DAC or ward.

On the day of your admission

Your personal details will be verified by a clerk before you are escorted to the Day Admissions Centre patient area. You will be admitted by a nurse who will review your medical history, record your vital signs, answer any questions you may have and prepare you for your elective surgery or procedure.

Only your registered carer or interpreter is able to accompany you into the DAC patient area. Family members or friends are not able to sit with you inside the DAC and are encouraged to wait in the waiting room or visit the hospital’s Level 5 (B Block) Ladies Auxiliary kiosk.

Personal belongings

Please do not bring jewellery, mobile phone, other valuables or excess cash to hospital.

Patients should bring in the following items on the day of their admission: 

  • Medicare card
  • pension card
  • x-rays
  • medications
  • toiletries
  • documents relevant to your procedure
  • sensible footwear (as you may walk to the operating room or diagnostic unit).

Types of surgery admission

Same day surgery

This refers to patients who will be having surgery or a procedure and will return home on the same day. If you are a ‘same day’ patient you must arrange for a responsible adult to pick you up after your operation or procedure and provide care for 24-hours following your operation/procedure. You are not allowed to drive following your operation/ procedure. 

Day of surgery admission

This refers to patients who will be admitted overnight or longer after their operation or procedure.

Following your elective surgery/procedure

  • You will either be transferred to a general surgical or orthopaedic ward or you will return to the DAC for your discharge.
  • The Day Admissions Centre nursing staff will monitor your post-operative recovery and you will need to remain in the DAC for a minimum of two hours post-surgery/procedure.
  • Post-operative care information and follow-up advice will be provided prior to your discharge.
  • A nurse will inform your support person when to collect you.

Contact us

Phone: 9431 3333

Operating hours

6.30am – 8.30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

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