Hospital in the Home

The Hospital in the Home (HITH) program is an early discharge or prevention of admission service that enables eligible hospital patients to be treated at home by experienced nurses. HITH nurses provide quality personalised nursing care according to each patient’s individual needs.

Information for patients

To be eligible for HITH treatment

  • You must be a patient of FHHS.
  • Your medical team believes you are well enough to continue your treatment at home.
  • You must live within the hospital’s geographic boundary.
  • You must have a safe, suitable home environment and access to a telephone.
  • You must have adequate carer/family support where necessary.

Services at home

These may include:

  • intravenous antibiotic therapy
  • acute wound care including negative pressure wound therapy system.
  • treatment of deep vein thrombosis/pulmonary emboli and  anticoagulation therapy
  • care post-discharge of elective joint surgery
  • care post-discharge of elective breast surgery
  • management of drains
  • treatment of cellulitis.

Benefits of the HITH program

  • Nursing care is provided in the comfort of your own home.
  • You remain an inpatient on the HITH virtual ward under the governance of the responsible medical/surgical team.
  • HITH nurses are available to answer any queries you may have about your operation/illness/medication.
  • By having your treatment at home, there is less risk of hospital acquired infections.
  • Experienced dedicated nurses liaise with medical personnel regarding your treatment.
  • Should you need to return to hospital, you will be admitted under the care of your hospital doctors via the HITH clinic.

When will the staff visit?

  • HITH staff will advise you of the day and approximate time of the visit. This may be at your place of residence or the FHHS HITH Department.
  • The staff normally visit between the hours of 8am and 2pm and will call you approximately 30 minutes before their arrival.
  • If you need to attend the hospital for an appointment, please inform HITH staff and your care can be carried out in the HITH Department.
  • The number of visits will be determined by the care required and the progress at home.

Information for health professionals


Referrals can be made from Fremantle Hospital wards or outpatient clinics. Patients can be referred via CHAnnEL or by contacting the HITH Co-ordinator.

Phone: 9431 3444
Hours: 8am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday

An on-call HITH nurse is available via the switchboard after-hours (from 5.30pm – 10pm) and on weekends and public holidays.

Phone: 9431 3333

Criteria for HITH admission

To be cared for under the virtual HITH ward, patients must:

  • be clinically stable
  • be referred by a member of a medical/surgical team
  • be aware of and agree to the provision of the service and have a contact phone number
  • be capable of self-care, daily living requirements and personal hygiene, or have supportive carer
  • have medical governance already in place.

A nurse from the HITH team will assess patients against selection criteria before final acceptance into HITH care. Patients will be admitted to the HITH ward on WebPAS.

Please note: patients requiring intravenous antibiotics are referred to Infectious Diseases team for medical governance.


Clinical Nurse Manager HITH
Phone:  9431 2950

Contact us

Location: Level 2, B Block, Alma Street
Phone – General Enquiries: 9431 2843
Phone – Coordinator: 9431 3444
After-hours: 9431 3333, ask for on-call Hospital in the Home (HITH) Nurse
Fax: 9431 2339

Operating hours

Hospital in the Home nursing service

7am – 5.30pm daily
An on-call HITH nurse can be contacted via the hospital switchboard after-hours (from 5.30pm – 10pm) and on weekends and public holidays.

HITH Clinic

Location: B Block Level 2
Hours:  8.30am – 4pm

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