PathWest Laboratory Medicine

We provide a range of laboratory services, including:

  • histopathology - surgical pathology, cytology and morbid anatomy
  • microbiology - bacteriology, serology and infection control
  • biochemistry - automated routine tests, protein analysis, immunoassays, non-automated tests and HPLC
  • haematology - automated routine tests, transfusion medicine and investigative haematology including coagulation disorders and flow cytometry
  • immunology - tests for autoantibodies, renal biopsies, allergy, immunochemistry and immunophenotyping by flow cytometry
  • specimen collection centre (phlebotomy) - collection of blood and other types of diagnostic specimen.

Patient information

Glucose tolerance tests

Bookings must be made for glucose tolerance tests. Bookings can be made by phone on 9431 2215.

Find location and opening hours for other PathWest Laboratory Medicine WA collection centres.

Information for health professionals

Visit PathWest (external site) for a list of tests available and collection requirements, contact phone numbers and PathWest Direct (for GPs).

FH Site Consultants or Principal Scientists (or Senior Scientists-in-Charge) of the various departments should be consulted about matters relating to specific tests or patients’ results.

The PathWest FSH Network Director, Deputy Network Director or Operations Manager should be consulted about any other issues, including matters of overall policy.

Request forms

A single pathology request form can be used for all specimen types. However, if it is envisaged that the collection of the specimens could occur at different times then it is advisable to use more than one form, e.g. if requesting routine full blood picture, sputum and urine from a ward patient then three forms are indicated as all three specimens will be collected at different times. However the same request from an emergency patient could possibly be accommodated on a single form as all three specimens have already been collected.

Request forms must be complete and legible in order for tests to be performed.

Computerised Physician Order Entry (CPOE) is preferred for pathology requests made at Fremantle Hospital. Training is provided to all doctors.

Please contact the Specimen Collection Centre for patient preparation instructions (e.g. fasting or dietary information).



Specimens must be fully labelled, including:

  • Correct patient identification details
  • Time and date of collection
  • Type of specimen and site
  • Unlabelled specimens and / or specimens without completed request forms will not be processed.

The PathWest Recommended Order of Draw document (external link) details containers to use for the blood tests requested.

Urgent specimens

Urgent specimens should be marked urgent and the laboratory should be notified in advance so preparations can be made to facilitate faster results.

Specimen delivery

Specimens should be transported safely to the Central Specimen Reception area (Pathology Department, B Block, Level 4) as soon as possible after collection.

Ensure containers are not leaking and are sent in the sealed compartment of a specimen bag.

Information for GPs

For specific information about requesting pathology or setting up report delivery methods, please contact PathWest marketing team on 9346 2142 or

Contact us

Location: Block B Level 4 and 5, Alma Street Fremantle, Western Australia
Phone: 9431 2744
Fax: 9431 2520

Operating hours

7.30am – 4.30pm,  Monday to Friday

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