Revenue Unit

About us

The Revenue Unit incorporates Private Patient Liaison and Administrative Services.

We deal with all matters relating to:

  • compensable patients – billing and revenue collection
  • private patient liaison and administration.
  • Medicare ineligible patients.

Patient information

Private health insurance

Patients with private health insurance have the choice to be treated as either a public or private patient. Using private health insurance makes your stay a little more comfortable and directly helps our hospital. The vast majority of patients who use their private health insurance do not pay anything for their treatment.

Emergency Department admission

A private patient with the appropriate level of hospital cover has no out-of-pocket expenses for their hospital stay and procedures, e.g. hospital accommodation including ward, Intensive Care Unit and operating theatres, pathology, radiology and pharmaceuticals.

As an Emergency Department patient, you can advise the ward or Emergency Department admissions clerks whether you would like to use your private health insurance.

Elective surgery admission

In most cases you are able to choose the doctor who is to provide your treatment; however, there may be instances where your preferred doctor is unavailable and a suitably-qualified doctor will provide your treatment.

The specialist doctor you have chosen will provide medical care at no out-of-pocket expense unless he or she advises you differently. You should discuss any potential medical service charges directly with your doctor.

As an elective surgery patient you can opt to use your private health insurance at any stage during your admission process – from the time you are referred through to the day you are admitted to the hospital, and in some cases while you are in the hospital after your treatment has commenced.

Benefits of being treated as a private patient

Private rooms
As a private patient you may request a single room; however we cannot guarantee single room availability at the time of your admission as the clinical needs of patients is our priority. You will have preferential access to a single room.

Helping our hospital
The money received from your private health fund goes directly to our hospital. It is used to purchase hospital equipment, help maintain facilities and enhance the patient experience.

Additional private patient incentives

As a private patient, you will receive complimentary:

  • TV rental
  • newspapers
  • car parking
  • $5 credit for phone calls
  • visitor meals
  • toiletries pack containing tissues, conditioning shampoo, shower cap, vanity set, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Our dedicated Private Patient Liaison Officers can check your level of health fund coverage and advise you of your options.

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Location: Level 5, L Block, Alma Street
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