A voice for consumers

Dave Bell stands outside a building
Fremantle Hospital Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) Chair David Bell
November 5, 2018

Partnering with consumers ensures patients and their families are central to all that we do, and the consumer voice is heard, acknowledged and valued.

It’s through people like Fremantle Hospital Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) Chair David Bell and our CAC members that we receive genuine and consistent consumer engagement on the quality of the patient experience.

“I have experienced the positives and negatives of the public health service.  Some of these events were quite traumatic and life changing.

I have a genetic health condition. Throughout my childhood, weekly and sometimes daily visits to Fremantle Hospital were a normal part of my life. I’ve been an inpatient numerous times, sometimes for weeks at a time. And I’ve also been an outpatient more times than I can remember.

Fremantle Hospital is still such a big part of my life.  In a way, I feel like I owe the hospital something and that’s the reason why I joined the CAC. I feel good knowing I can provide real world experience to any matters that affects patients and community.

Fremantle Hospital provides first class care to the community it serves, and I hope the CAC is contributing to this.” 

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