Caring for you

Delivering high quality patient care and a positive experience for our patients, their families and carers is an important focus across Fremantle Hospital.

Working in partnership with, and placing patients and their families at the centre of the decision making process, results in safer care, better outcomes, improved patient experiences and a happier and more engaged staff.

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One female and two male doctors review medical charts beside a computer.

Hands covered in soap suds being washed under a tap

A woman wearing a Fremantle Hospital uniform with the word 'Doctor' on it stands in front of a computer
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A female physiotherapist hands plastic rings to an older women Two women sit at a table talking. Behind one woman is a banner that reads Pastoral Care Services. Two women sitting in chairs review a document
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An older female patient is in a hospital bed. A female nurse stands beside the bed.
Theatre nursing staff stand by a young man with disability in a wheelchair.

A man leans down to speak with an older woman laying in a hospital bed
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A small candle burbs in a red loveheart shaped candleholder.        
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