Aishwarya’s CARE Call

An image of a loveheart with wings at either side and a phone handpiece above. Text next to the image reads Aishwarya's Care Call.

Aishwarya’s CARE Call is a three-step process for you as a patient, carer or family member to use if you are worried you or the person you care for is getting sicker while in hospital.

It is used in in all Western Australian public hospitals.

The process is in place to ensure the nurses and doctors caring for you are aware of any changes to your health or that of a person you care for.

If you, or the person you care for gets sicker, tell us right away.

You know yourself or your loved one best.

We will listen to you.

Step 1

Worried about a change in your condition or of a person you care for?

Tell a nurse or staff member.

Step 2

Are you still worried?

Speak to a senior nurse or staff member.

Step 3

If your concern is urgent, phone 6152 8168 to speak with a dedicated senior staff member who will listen to your worries and concerns and action these urgently.

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